MHD Designs Presents

Petit Veston
An Original Pattern for SD13 Sized Girls.

This Blazer is the perfect item to complete any ensemble!  It can be worn over jeans, skirts, dresses, or even a formal evening gown.  Although this pattern shows only three lengths, you can cut it any length you want.  Simply add to the extensions for a longer blazer, or shorten them if you like.  You can sew this blazer "as is", or use it as a base for a more elaborate "sculpture" by adding trims, textures, embroideries, etc.

This pattern set has pieces and instructions for:

Blazer in Three Lengths
with Two Collar Styles and a Hat
This pattern features 6 pages of pattern pieces!

Plus, this pattern includes a 10 page Full Color booklet with
photos of every step of the sewing in progress!

This pattern is available as a download for $13.50 or you can choose to purchase a pattern that is printed out and mailed to your home address for only $15.00 (postage is included for this 16 page pattern set).

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