Pattern Pieces and Detailed Sewing Instructions for:

Inner Long Kimono   -   Outer Riding Kimono
Hakama Pants   -   Obi   -   Riding Hat

I love to work with an Oriental theme, and decided to offer this wonderful design for our 23" My Twinn girls. It was originally designed for a much smaller doll, so I had to make a few technical changes to adapt it for such a large girl!

I've used this Kimono concept many times over the years, and I know that this design is not a "traditional" Kimono, but at the same time the word "Kimono" once referred to "all types of clothing". The word eventually evolved to refer specifically to the robe-like garment we all know and admire.

I love to work with beautiful fabric, and to play with piecework, manipulation, and layering. This "Kimono" concept allows you to display your fabric beautifully!

This pattern has 16 pages of pattern pieces, and 17 pages of instructions,
with clear close-up photographs showing every step of the sewing process.

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