These designs were created by commission for the owners of the repainted dolls.

The Search for the Green Diamond
A La Recherche du Diamant Vert

August 2001
Romance in Dusty Rose
Romance En Vieux Rose

February 2001
Spellbound Dreams
Reves Enchantes

December 2001
The Four Elements Project
The Four Elements Project

January 2002
The Burgundy Castle
Au Chateau Du Bourgogne

November 2001
Midnight Wings
Les Ailes De Minuit

September 2001
The Dawn of the Night
A L'Aube de la Nuit

June 2001
On Her Flowered Cloud
Sur Son Nuage Fleurit

June 2001
Interpretations for Marilyn

May 2001
Night at the Oscars
La Nuit Des Oscars

May 2001
Golden Spring
Printemps Doré

April 2001
Her Own Traditional Ways
La Tradition à Sa Façon

April 2001
The Changing Seasons
Changements de Saisons

March 2001
The Rooster's Song
Le Chant du Coq

April 2001
Alone on the Sand
Seule Sur le Sable

April 2001
Free Like the Wind
Libre Comme Le Vent

April 2001
My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady

July 2001
Egg Shells
Coquille d'Oeuf

January 2001

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